Fast Facts


  • LifeFlight services are only used at the request of emergency medical services providers or physicians.
  • LifeFlight services have been used by every hospital in the state, at emergency scenes in more than 330 communities, islands and unorganized townships in every county in Maine.
  • Nearly 90 percent of LifeFlight’s missions are from rural, community hospitals to one of Maine’s three trauma centers, or to specialty centers in Boston. The remaining are to transport patients directly from accident scenes.
  • Since our establishment in 1998, more than 31,000 patients have been safely transported by ground or air.
  • We care for patients of all ages, from premature infants to 80 years old and older.
  • Nearly one quarter of our patients have suffered major trauma and more than 20% are complex cardiac patients.
  • Other transports include people in need of a variety of critical care such as: stroke, respiratory, neurological, surgical, burn, environmental, high risk obstetrics and pediatric care.