Communicator Specialist

This course is specifically formatted for emergency and 911 communication center staff.  The goal is to assure a coordinated and safe air medical response when needed. LifeFlight’s communications are provided by MedComm, staffed by certified Air Medical Communication Specialists. Members of this team teach the two-hour Comms Course.

The course identifies essential information needed in adding a medical helicopter response to a scene request from EMS, Fire/Rescue or Public Safety agency. The program works through coordinating communications among multiple agencies, simultaneous launch or standby requests, weather decision making, navigation resources, day / night, instrument operations, SAR capabilities and landing zone preparation. The course has a special focus for operations in rural areas with limited radio communications. Clarifying any ambiguous information, dispelling myths and knowing exactly what we at Medcomm need for information meets our common goal of a faster launch, safer ground operations and better care for the patients we serve.

For more information on the course or to schedule a session, contact Jon Roebuck at