Fixed Wing Celebration

Saturday, October 24, 12noon to 2pm

LifeFlight Hangar at Bangor International Airport
193 Odlin Road, Bangor, ME

Earlier this year, LifeFlight of Maine purchased a King Air B200 airplane to complement its fleet of two helicopters and dedicated ground ambulances. LifeFlight is opening the doors of its new hangar at Bangor International Airport and inviting the public to take a look behind the scenes, rain or shine. Visitors can tour the new hangar space that’s home to the King Air, the Bangor-based helicopter, a dedicated ground ambulance operated in partnership with Meridian Mobile Health and a new communications center. This is a unique opportunity to see how the critical care transport service operates.

  • Aircraft and Hangar Tours
  • Professional Photos with the Crew
  • LifeFlight Dispatch Demonstrations
  • FREE Wood-Fired Pizza courtesy of The Uproot Pie Co
  • Cupcakes
  • Clowns
  • Make-Your-Own Gliders
  • LifeFlight is also inviting the public to help create a one-of-a-kind fleet of well wishes.  Paper will be provided to fold your own airplane, decorate it with your personal note of support and then add it to Maine’s own “Fleet of Dreams.”
“LifeFlight has a vision for Maine to provide everyone with access to the critical care transport they need, when the need it,” explains Thomas Judge, Executive Director of LifeFlight of Maine. “A critical care transport system that serves the entire state requires multiple strategies—helicopters, ground ambulances and fixed wing aircraft. Each vehicle has different capabilities and limitations, but together they provide a comprehensive set of resources. The common element is LifeFlight’s medical team and advanced equipment, which brings tertiary-level care directly to the patient.”

The plane cruises at approximately 315 miles per hour, which is nearly twice as fast as the helicopter. That makes it more efficient than the helicopter for especially long trips because the faster speed makes up for the additional time it takes to transfer the patient from the airport to the hospital. The plane can also fly in some weather conditions the helicopter can’t, making it a useful addition to LifeFlight’s current fleet.
Since it was purchased in May, the plane has been undergoing significant renovations. C&L Aviation in Bangor managed the project, working with Pro Star Aviation in New Hampshire and Raisbeck Engineering to upgrade the aircraft’s wings, propellers, engines and instrument panel. These upgrades will allow the new plane to land and take off on some of Maine’s shorter runways, fly faster and provide a smoother ride for critically ill and injured patients. Improved navigation and weather capabilities were also installed, along with better onboard communications and a satellite phone that will allow the medical crew to speak with specialty physicians while enroute. Finally, C&L renovated the interior to accommodate two pilots, three medical crew and one patient, and finished the project with a new paint job that features LifeFlight’s signature green and gold colors.

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