Islesboro Crossing for LifeFlight 2015

LifeFlight's 3rd annual Islesboro Crossing was a huge success, with nearly 80 swimmers raising more than $115,000 to support the purchase of an infant isolette for the third helicopter expected to go into service later this year.

To visit the 2016 Islesboro Crossing for LifeFlight site, click here!

Many hands save lives
Be a part of the many hands who will support LifeFlight of Maine by completing one of the longest open water swims in New England. Swim the 3.1-mile stretch of Penobscot Bay from Lincolnville to Islesboro to demonstrate the many hands of support it takes to bring emergency medical services to Maine islands.

This swim is a fundraiser for LifeFlight of Maine
LifeFlight of Maine is a non-profit charity organization that provides critical care transport throughout Maine. We rely on private donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment and emergency medical aircraft. By participating in the swim you are helping us fulfill our promise to be there for all Maine people who need critical care transport in a life-threatening situation.

Proceeds from the 2015 event will help support the purchase of an isolette for the third helicopter. The isolette is a special infant carrier designed to maintain a constant ambient temperature and monitor a sick newborn’s vital signs. Read Alden's story to hear how the isolette on the Bangor-based helicopter helped save this midcoast boy.


Date Saturday, August 29, 2015
Weather Date Sunday, August 30, 2015
Start Time 7:00am 
Mandatory Swimmer/Escort Meeting Friday, August 28, 2015, 7pm
Distance 3.1 miles (5k) in West Penobscot Bay, point to point from Lincolnville to Islesboro. Wetsuits are encouraged.
Parking Point Lookout with shuttle service to the start. 
Return to Mainland Lincolnville ferry is available to return swimmers and spectators to Lincolnville Beach parking lot. Shuttle service available from ferry to Point Lookout.
Registration Fee $125 minimum—raise it or pay it, your choice.

What will the Islesboro Crossing for LifeFlight be like?
The open water swim will be a challenging journey. You will be swimming alongside other athletes with a shared mission. Wind and waves are generally calmest in the morning, and we have timed the swim so currents will be minimized. The water temperature in August averages around 64 degrees at the shore and 55 degrees in deeper water.

What about safety?
You are required to arrange your own personal support person with a kayak or stand up paddleboard. An escort is required for everyone. Many swimmers find it extremely helpful to have an escort who can provide opportunities to rest and re-fuel with energy snacks and hydration, as well as encouragement. There will be safety rescue boats on the course, with medical supplies and emergency medical crew on board. The course will be well marked with buoys, and spotter boats will also be located throughout the course for added safety.
Where does the course go?
The swim begins at a private beach owned by Point Lookout in Lincolnville, Maine. Swimmers follow a straight path, following the course markers stationed about every half kilometer. The swim finishes at the shore just north of the ferry dock landing on Islesboro. The actual finish line will be clearly marked on the beach. The total distance is 3.1 miles and there is no rush to finish fast. This is not a race, unless you want it to be.
How can I help support LifeFlight's mission?
As a swimmer in the Islesboro Crossing, you are required to raise or pay a minimum of $125 to participate. But why stop there? For this fundraising event, we encourage every swimmer to go above and beyond the $125 minimum -- we even offer some great incentives for raising additional money. (to be announced soon)
Why participate in the open water swim?
By swimming with a team of other hardy athletes, you draw attention to the ruggedness of the ocean elements and the vulnerability of island life. By swimming with a fleet of people you become part of a shared mission–supporting LifeFlight and caring for all Maine people. By diving into Maine’s ocean you represent, to so many others, your love for the natural beauty of the state while simultaneously bringing attention to the complexities of the access to emergency care in our beautiful state. You will feel strong, empowered and fiercely connected to LifeFlight.