Islesboro Crossing for LifeFlight 2018

A 5K swim in West Penobscot Bay from Northport to Islesboro
Sunday, August 12, 2018


Holy helicopters, Batman!

We just flew past our fundraising target of $300,000… 5 days ahead of schedule! In fact, we're at $400,000 and counting. You are all simply incredible! Here at LifeFlight, we can’t stop smiling, high-fiving and sharing the joy. THANK YOU for the enthusiasm you’ve shown for LifeFlight’s mission, and your willingness to ask your friends and family to join you on this unique Maine adventure.

Because of your work and dedication, we’ve moved even closer to the big goal of purchasing two new helicopters to replace our oldest models, Echo Mike and Charlie Mike. That means you are helping even more people in Maine (residents and visitors alike) get the critical care and transport they need, when they need it. And with time still left before the big event, let's see just how much we can crush that original target!

Now in its sixth year, the Islesboro Crossing attracts swimmers from across the country to raise funds for LifeFlight of Maine, a nonprofit organization and the state's only emergency medical helicopter service.

This 5K swim across West Penobscot Bay from Point Lookout Resort on the mainland to the island community of Islesboro illustrates the challenge of providing emergency medical care to Maine's remote communities, including those bound by water.

With a heartwarming spirit, inspiring stories and a hero's welcome on Islesboro, it's easy to understand why this event has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. A dinner for swimmers the night before, food and drink at the finish, great swag, excellent fundraising incentives and other perks round out this first class event.

There's still time to support the swim! Visit

All proceeds benefit LifeFlight of Maine
Swimming from Northport to Islesboro is no small feat. But bringing emergency medical services to Maine islands is an effort of huge proportions. LifeFlight of Maine is a nonprofit charity organization. We rely on private donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment and emergency medical aircraft. The swimmers who take on this challenge, and the sponsors who support them, make it possible for LifeFlight to serve these islands and the many other rural parts of the state.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorships ranging from $500 to $20,000 are available and offer excellent PR opportunities for participating businesses. For more information, please contact Anna Dugal at the LifeFlight Foundation at or 207-230-7092.

Event location: Northport and Islesboro, Maine