Winter Survival Training

Grafton Notch, Bethel, ME

The winter environment can be unforgiving. What would otherwise be an uncomfortable event in the summer, can quickly become a threat to life or limb in the winter. Cold, wind, and travel difficulty are big magnifiers requiring knowledge, confidence, and attention to detail.

Join Lifeflight of Maine for a progressive exposure to winter living and survival skills for people who have limited winter experience and may become suddenly stranded in a winter situation such as an aviation incident, backcountry rescue or snowmobile breakdown. CEHs available.
  • The survival game – attitude, shelter, water, fire, food
  • Understanding and use of map, compass and altimeter to travel and identify current position
  • Staying warm and dry: clothing, heat retention
  • Use of tarps, snow shelters, debris huts
  • Obtaining water / water treatment
  • Fire buiding, improvised fire starters
  • Making snowshoes
  • Personal survival kits
Download a comprehensive informational packet here.

Session 1: Monday, March 4th - Tuesday, March 5th
1000 Monday through 0830 Tuesday

Session 2: Tuesday, March 5th - Wednesday, March 6th
1600 Tuesday through 1500 Wednesday

Location: Bethel, Maine (Grafton Notch)
Tuition: $150.00 (including meals)

Register by February 25.

Add a day of optional ice climbing fun with Acadia Mountain Guides onto your session. Tuesday, March 5th, 0900 – 1530
Only $25.00

For additional information or to register by phone contact

Jon Tierney | | 207-461-4338

Pay online with credit card or send check to LifeFlight Foundation, PO Box 899, Camden, ME 04843.