Developing a Landing Zone

When an accident or other critical injury or illness threatens life or limb, there is no substitute for quickly mobilized, highly skilled emergency medical providers working together to ensure patients receive the care they need. LifeFlight’s specially trained paramedics and critical care nurses bring intensive care skills and equipment directly to the patient, and twenty percent of the time, that means directly to the scene of an accident.

When landing at unprotected landing zones on the sides of highways, fields, or clearings in the woods, safety is paramount. LifeFlight has developed resources and training programs to assist EMS and public safety agencies in establishing scene landing zones. In addition to information you can download from this section, we are always ready to come to your EMS agency or communications center to provide hands-on training for:
To schedule a ground safety course for your area, call The LifeFlight Foundation at 230-7092 or email