Landing Zone Registry: Industry

This form is designed to collect landing zone information into a master database for cataloging purposes. This database will be evaluated regularly and follow-up emails or phone calls may be made to check the status of the site. The information will be shared with the 911 GIS office, allowing all emergency response personnel access to LifeFlight’s landing zone information. The information is also shared on this website.

If applicable, you can also download a copy of the landowner liability release and send it to LifeFlight of Maine, 6 State Street, Suite 510, Bangor, ME 04401, c/o Jon Roebuck.
When providing GPS coordinates for the site, please use Datum WGS84, and degree minutes / decimal minutes format. Use a separate form for each landing zone.

If you wish to provide photographs or satellite imagery of the location, attach them here / email them to If you do include photographs, please take them from the center out, one photo each to the north, south, east and west. Also please include any potential hazards such as wires, trees, posts, rocks, etc.

Contact Jon Roebuck at for further information.

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