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Your gift impacts more than just our patients. You help generations of Mainers enjoy the future together.

Because of LifeFlight and the swift critical care the crew provided to my Dad after a serious motor vehicle accident, our family remained strong and connected.

My family’s experience is just one of more than 32,000 that have rippled throughout Maine since the organization was founded in 1998. On average, LifeFlight crews transport six patients every day. These transports include patients of all ages - from premature infants, to critically injured young adults, and to seniors who need specialty cardiac care. They come from all points in Maine - from the mountains to the lakes and coastal islands, from highways, trails, main streets, and, importantly, from hospital to hospital.

As I think about the impact of that day on our lives, I can’t help but marvel at the ripple effect that LifeFlight has on generations of Mainers and their local communities.

Your gift helps LifeFlight continue to answer these calls from all corners of Maine, 24/7/365. To read more of Ashley’s appeal, click here.