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LifeFlight of Maine is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit air medical and critical care transport organization which depends on donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. We also provide advanced emergency medical training to

Maine’s hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS) and public safety agencies. 
Your donation today will help support LifeFlight’s mission of providing access to critical care when the people of Maine need it most.

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When you donate, you can choose to support one of our ongoing campaigns.

LifeFlight makes Maine smaller

Maine is a big place, with people spread out and often far away from care. With an increasing number of people needing help, LifeFlight is growing in order to make Maine feel smaller than it really is. In 2015 LifeFlight added an airplane to its fleet and in 2017, a third helicopter. As we grow, we can reach more and more people in need. But we can't grow without support from you. Read More

Advanced Medical Equipment

LifeFlight strives to improve patient care by upgrading our specialized equipment and adding new technology. You can help assure that LifeFlight has state-of-the-art equipment by adopting a particular item of interest or making a donation to the campaign. Read More