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LifeFlight Makes Maine Smaller

Maine is a big place, with people spread out and often far away from care. With an increasing number of people needing help, LifeFlight is growing in order to make Maine feel smaller than it really is. In 2015 LifeFlight added an airplane to its fleet and in 2017, a third helicopter. As we grow, we can reach more and more people in need. But we can't grow without support from you.
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Education and Training

LifeFlight of Maine is just one link in the chain of survival for critically ill and injured patients. Other links include first responders, paramedics, dispatchers, emergency room nurses and physicians, and specialists at regional healthcare centers. Every one of these links needs to be strong in order for the patient to survive. Advanced education and frequent training help maintain a strong chain of survival.
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Advanced Medical Equipment

The LifeFlight helicopters are known for transporting critical patients to the care they need quickly and safely. Though not talked about as often, the crew and equipment on board are just as important to a patient’s survival and recovery as the helicopter itself. LifeFlight relies on private donations to help fund the more than $500,000 of advanced medical equipment on board each helicopter.
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