LifeFlight makes Maine smaller

Maine is a big place—as big as the rest of New England combined—and boasts 3,478 miles of coastline. It's rural, remote and sparsely populated, with 1.3 million Mainers spread across 35,385 square miles. That's more than 15 acres per person! That also means that emergency care and specialized medicine is often far away from the people who need it most. With its helicopters, airplane and specialized teams, LifeFlight can get those critically ill and injured people to the care they need quickly and safely. As we fly and drive across this vast state and beyond, LifeFlight makes Maine smaller.

How does LifeFlight make Maine smaller?

We cover long distances quickly. With helicopters based in Bangor, Lewiston and Sanford, as well as a plane based in Bangor, LifeFlight's specialized critical care teams are ready to answer calls for help from every corner of the state, from the north woods, to the western mountains, to the isolated coast.

We're growing our fleet. Sometimes when LifeFlight's help is requested, all of our aircraft and crew members are already on other missions. Adding more aircraft means LifeFlight can answer more calls for critical care transport.

We can go anywhere. To enable LifeFlight's aircraft to reach every corner of Maine, we've worked to improve the aviation infrastructure across the state. Sometimes when LifeFlight can't answer a call for help, it's because we're already busy helping other patients. But other times the tools we need to fly safely in certain weather conditions aren't in place yet to make that particular flight. LifeFlight has spent several years working with airports, towns, recreational clubs, hospitals and local emergency medical services to build a comprehensive infrastructure and put in place things like weather stations and helipads that allow us to answer more and more calls for help, safely and reliably.

Help us make Maine smaller.

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